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New Creation Realities

Apostle Paul tells the believers that their life will be “transformed by the renewing of their minds.” Having a “renewed mind” simply means we now “see things as God sees them.” God has given us the inspired writings of Scripture to become our “corrective lenses”, as it were, so that our eyes are opened to the reality of what “new life in Christ”,  the New Creation really means. As you diligently study the Word of God in my new manual for spiritual growth and transformation, you will reach new realms of faith and victory in your daily walk with the Lord because you will begin to see yourself as God sees you! You are a “giant killer” and “more than a conqueror” through Jesus Christ!

Total Victory Is For You

Dr. John Polis

When Jesus died and rose again, He conquered death and all that produces it. He delivered mankind from sin and all it’s consequences. All that remains is for believers to gain the understanding of what Christ accomplished read more...

Stronger Than Satan

Dr. John Polis

What happens when someone with authority walks into a room? They generally take charge without asking what to do. We were never meant to be in a position of asking Satan permission or read more...

Spiritual Warfare

Dr. John Polis

We are called to “wrestle” with the powers of darkness, the word means “close combat.” We are daily assaulted by the enemy who seeks to “steal, kill and destroy” our lives. Jesus was attacked and overcame the devil read more...

The Love Of God

Dr. John Polis

The subject of The Love of God runs deep in scripture because it is the essential nature of God, God Is Love. This lesson will teach the believer the “extent of God’s Love toward mankind” and also how we can walk in the read more...

How To Obtain Strong Faith

Dr. John Polis

Every believer is admonished to “grow in faith” until our faith reaches it’s fullest potential. The are keys to develop our ability to believe God for greater and greater manifestations of His Power and Presence that are revealed in scripture. Follow the five steps read more...

Avad: To Serve

Ray L. Gimenez

Jam packed with scriptures and prayers (710) that will help you stand strong in the Lord and the power of his might. This practical battlefield manual will help you speak and declare things to yourself and for others to destroy the onslaught of read more...

The More You Look

Avah M. Polis

A whimsical collection of poems by Avah M Polis and illustrated by Aubrey Polis.

Advancing The Prophetic

Bonnie Rowan

Endorsements "The subject of prophetic ministry is one that stirs various responses within the Body of Christ, some positive and some negative. Despite this, I believe that in its proper theological context, its incessant function is vital to the read more...

Kings Arise

Dr. Mark Kauffman

Presently, the Lord Jesus Christ is restoring the true identity of the church back to her. Falsified information has led the church into a mistaken identity, rendering her paralyzed, powerless, and impoverished. The method of falsified information read more...

Biblical Headship

Dr. John Polis

The many abuses of authority in homes, schools, churches, and government have left people with the determination to avoid relationships with authority, if at all possible, fostering an "independent spirit" that leads to isolation. The result is read more...


Ron DePriest

A contract on his life couldn’t stop Ron DePriest from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This true story reads like a high-action novel beyond the imagination of any movie director. A murderer on an inescapable mission from God follows read more...

Hawk, Squawk, and Holler

Karla Jose

For a few weeks, I had been putting bird food along the railing of my porch. On this particular morning, I decided to have breakfast before feeding the birds. I then heard a quick “peck peck peck” at the front door. A little later there was another “peck peck read more...